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Workshops & Community Presentations

We offer workshops on topics relevant for family caregivers such as…

  • Caregivers & Elder Abuse
  • Caring for the Family Caregiver
  • Depression & Caregivers
  • Understanding Alzheimer Disease
  • Dementia & Family Caregivers
  • And many more topics...

Contact us to bring these workshops to your workplace or organization.



(Church Groups/Senior Groups)


A ½ hour presentation and discussion around the reality and challenges of aging and our personal responsibility to maximize our ability to remain active, healthy, contributing members of our community . Acceptance of impairments, accepting help, adjusting to health issues, safe medication practices, legal responsibilities, family expectations, reducing risks of falls, maintaining foot health, managing arthritis and other health problems  – these are some of the issues that may be addressed!  
END- OF- LIFE CARE  (Open to family Caregivers)

Care-Ed Learning is proud to offer a 5-part National Palliative Care Certificate Program. This course is designed specifically for paraprofessionals and family caregivers involved in providing end of life care." As caregivers end–of-life care in the community, we must always be acutely sensitive to the needs of those for whom we care." states Sharon A. O’Brien, Executive Vice-President.

Ms. O’Brien believes that culture, belief systems and personal values affect the way life is lived and death is faced. In addition she states, these same elements determine the “quality of care" that is given.

These sessions challenge participants to address the following questions: Is health a possible part of illness? As caregivers do we see this person as a normal person with an illness or just an illness? Are we able to allow people to learn from their mistakes? Can we genuinely accept a dying person’s feelings without judging or correcting? Can we incorporate "health" into the "death" process?  

To sign up for this course or if you would like additional information, please feel free to contact us at: