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SWIFT Services

SWIFT Is the Next Generation in Care Planning --  Pre-Planning

Imagine you find yourself in a hospital bed after slipping in a stairway. You are told that you will be discharged in the next day. "Do you have someone to come and take you home?”, the doctor asks. "You will need someone to help you for a few days", she instructs. Then you realize that you did not think of this situation happening to you. Where do you turn?  SWIFT is a pre-planning service.

SWIFT is also there for adult children of seniors who have responsibilities out of town, at work, or with family and need support   for a senior relative. SWIFT comes in various stages. It can be a conference call with a social worker, nurse, or other certified health care worker.

SWIFT is there for Employers. SWIFT can improve productivity in the workplace. Just a call away SWIFT brings your employee's attention back to the task at hand fast!

For further information about how you can subscribe to SWIFT e-mail us at We are SWIFT!