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Why Senior Watch

Senior Watch® is Different


Gerontology Based ~ We dedicate ourselves exclusively to compassionate senior care.

Truly 24/7 ~ Our senior care services are required 24/7 and we are there to accomodate the need.

Compassionate & Professional ~ From day one, we have built Senior Watch based on the philosophy of compassionate, high quality care. We don't settle for less. It's in our mission statement and we live by it every single day.

Quality of Care & Depth & Quality of our Training~ We developed our Learning Centre, Care-Ed, to ensure the highest quality of care for our clients.

Rigorous Checks & Balances in Place ~ We constantly check-in with our caregivers, our clients and the teachers at Care-Ed to ensure we constantly and consistently improve our service and training.

Our Services & Training Shaped by the Community ~ We spent the first 10 years LISTENING then we responded to the market with services and training to meet the needs of the market.

Constant Evaluation of Teachers & Staff ~ We keep current and respond to constant change in the industry.