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Educational Endowment Fund

Educational Endowment Fund

Established in 1987, the Senior Watch Education Endowment Fund has been building a capital resource which will be maintained as an endowment fund to provide bursaries and other recognitions to individuals who seek training in the gerontology field.


Senior Watch® has a strong belief that life long learning is an integral part of who we become.  In the field of caring for an aging society’ it is an investment in self for the caregiver to learn about the aging process and to continually strive to maintain skills in preparation for that task.


We are grateful to those who have given gifts in memory of loved ones to this fund. It has become part of a greater gift to all those that will seek education and commitment to elder care. Thank you.


We will continue to be committed to the communities we serve.


In 2012, the fund initiated the “Pennies for Care Training” as a means of building endowment capital.