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Foot Care Management

NEW! Foot Care Training Options for Nurses

Senior Watch Foot Care Management (FCM) and Foot Care Refresher courses require a current nursing registration. The FCM course will run in sequence with the Foot Canada Training’s Online Foot Care Nurse Theory course (FCN Theory).  Call us for further information at 506-634-8906


Senior Watch has officially announced that their Foot Care Management course will offer choices to the nurse registering for training in Foot Care. You can register with Foot Canada Training at Online Foot Care Nurse Theory course.

The Foot Canada Theory Certificate will provide the student a choice to attend the Foot Care Management Program in Saint John to receive Practicum hands-on training and coaching with Senior Watch Instructors.  Please call Jean Mowatt at 506-634-8906 for further information.


We offer Basic & Advanced Foot Care Management and our Foot Care Refresher

This training is for Nurses that hold a current and      active license. Early registration reserves a seat. We reserve the right to limit number of participants for best classroom interaction and learning. Register early ~  these courses are popular and seating is limited. 


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Documents for Foot Care Management Students

Get your Foot Care Documents.

Basic & Advanced Foot Care Management

 April 12 – 16. 2021 postponed to October 18 - 22, 2021

Due to concerns about COVID-19 (bubble too large) and the safety for our Volunteers,      Senior Watch has postponed the Foot Care Management Program to October 18 - 22,2021. 

Registration Prices
  • $1795.00 cdn+ 15% tax
  • Foot Care Kits: $266.00 cdn + 15% tax
  • Extended Practicum - $350.00/day cdn + 15% tax                                                       a)  To meet the 35 hours practicum required by some provinces a 3 day practicum following the FCM is offered - Cost $1050.00 plus tax
Next Sessions
                                           October 18 - 22, 2021
                  (Receipt of $1,795.00 + tax is for current year of payment)
Five day course held in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Sharon A. O’Brien, SC; RN, PG; BSW, CG, Chief Learning Officer, Care-Ed Learning Centre.
Judy Armstrong, RN, BN, CG,  Foot Care Management Instructor
Cathy Simon, B.Sc.P.T., B.Sc.P.E., C.P.A. Physiotherapist, Life Mark Physiotherapy
Lynn Fletcher, BSc., BSc O.T., Occupational Therapy Dept. St. Joseph's Community Health
Terry Trask, C.Ped., ( C ) C.O.F.S. Thera-Ped Ltd
Christina O'Brien, RN, BN, CDE, Saint John Zone 2, Horizon Health Network
Registration includes:
  • Foot Care Management Study Manual
  • Supplemental course textbook  "Art & Science of Foot Care " (author Cindy L.M.    Lazenby, RN)
  • Demonstration products
  • Three days of classroom
  • Two days of supervised Clinic Experience
  • 5 Guest Lecturers and 2 Faculty  
The practicum with supervised assessment will see approximately 10 clients per student. There will be opportunities to be involved in assessment, use of all foot care instruments, performance of routine and preventive care of nails, corns, calluses, and client teaching of foot management. This course has trained 902 nurses.
To REGISTER or for more information contact

        Debra at the Care-Ed Learning Centre

        (506) 634-8906

        or Toll Free 1-800-561-2463


Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations received in advance of the program start date will be subject to a 15% administration fee. Non-attendance will incur full seminar fee. Substitutions are acceptable. We reserve the right to cancel a program due to insufficient registration.
What our Graduates Say about the Program...
        "This was a great course, the Instructors made learning interesting and am looking
         forward to using what I have learned!"
        Andrea Johnson, Skiff Lake, NB
        "Excellent course taught by the best footcare nurses!"                 
        Teena Canavan, Fredericton, NB
        "Knowledge shared was greatly appreciated, it was wonderful to hear all of your          stories
         and witness your great expertise in the field!"          
        Alexandria Joyce, Moncton, NB
        "Excellent teachers!"    
         Anne Boucher, Harvey, NB



Foot Care Management Refresher

Next Sessions
June 8 & 9, 2021
Care-Ed Learning Centre
111-100 Prince Edward Street, Prince Edward Square Mall
Saint John, NB
This 2-day course is available to nurses with a certificate in Basic and Advanced Foot Care Management; this (8:30 am – 4:30 pm) is designed to upgrade knowledge and skills necessary to deliver safe and effective basic and advanced foot care in the community.
The session is designed to assess present practices and identify “new” challenges in providing foot care services.
Participants will have the opportunity to be involved in a collaborative practice clinic. A Certificate of Attendance will be issued upon completion of all course requirements.
Note: Please attach a copy of your Basic and Advanced Foot Care certificate with your registration form for verification.
Desired Outcomes
Guidelines and Best Practices will be met and exceeded.
Participants will discover an increased level of comfort and competency in the provision of appropriate and effective foot care services.
Participants will be challenged to have a greater vision of the importance of the service they are providing, a sense of pride in their work, and an excitement about their personal journey toward excellence.
Course Instructor
Sharon A. O’Brien, SC,RN, PG; BSW, CG; Chief Learning Officer, Care-Ed Learning, and Executive VP, Senior Watch Inc.  It is her belief that nurses can safely and effectively provide foot management and counseling, thus reducing foot problems and the risk of lower extremity amputations. Sharon holds a certificate in Basic & Advanced Foot Care from the Kingston ON Pedorthic Clinic  and has completed the NBACC Instructor Development Program.
Course Registration $795.00 plus 15% tax. Early Bird Fee (Subject to change after December) $675.00 plus 15% tax effective up until April 30. Payment reserves a seat – limited seating
Breaks & Lunches Provided by Care-Ed Learning
All Care-Ed Learning Programs are scent free.

To REGISTER or for more information contact

        Debra at the Care-Ed Learning Centre

        (506) 634-8906

        or 1-800-561-2463


Cancellation Policy
Cancellations received in advance of the program start date will be subject to a 15% administration fee. Non-attendance will incur full seminar fee. Substitutions are acceptable. We reserve the right to cancel a program due to insufficient registration.
Please book your accommodations with Holiday Inn Express
400 Main Street
Saint John , NB  
Phone: (506) 642-2622
Toll-Free (800) 475-4656
Participant Comments:
“Very good refresher. Didn’t realize how much I had forgotten. I will definitely improve my infection control practice.   Tammy Coutts, RN
“A great 2 days.  Great to have updates and an opportunity to evaluate our practice.”
Suzette MacLeod, RN
“I looked forward to this update & was not disappointed at all.  Always a good experience.”    Judith Southam, RN
Met great people and had a few good challenges – very glad I came.”
Luc Bourgeois, LPN
“Thank you to everyone at Senior Watch for a great job.  A very informative two days for Nurse Foot Care Practitioners – You do an excellent job presenting & you certainly have your eye on the pulse of practice & keep us accountable.  Thanks again.”
Helen Lawlor, R.N.
“The session went above & beyond what I expected.  I thought it was well presented & very informative.”
Elaine Folkins, R.N.

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Foot Care Management

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What our Graduates Say...


Good News for out of province RN's/Nurse Practitioners wanting to register for the Senior Watch Foot Care Management Course in Saint John, NB


Notice from the New Brunswick Association of Registered Nurses:

Nurses or nurse practitioners who are registered to practice in another province are not required to apply for registration in New Brunswick in order to participate in short-term clinical education course subject to the following conditions:

  • the period covered does not exceed 10 days in any calendar year
  • the nurse/nurse practitioner is registered and in good standing in another jurisdiction in Canada with no limitations, suspensions, or cancellations
  • the nurse/nurse practitioner ensures she has professional liability protection in place during the time services are being performed in New Brunswick through the jurisdiction of registration or by separated insurance arranged by the nurse/nurse practitioner, or by the person or organization presenting the conference or clinical education program
  • the nurse/nurse practitioner does not hold herself out as a nurse or nurse practitioner authorized to practice in New Brunswick

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