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Personal Support Worker Program

Classroom, Labs and Practicum

Tier 2 Personal Care Aide is the completion of Modules 1 - 8

Module 1:  Introductory Orientation Program
This innovative and exciting program provides the foundational training for support workers to deliver quality care to seniors. Key units are covered: Aging Process / Dietary Concerns / Personal Care / Home Safety / Back Safety / Communication/ Food Handler Safety / Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. This module will provide participants with tools and strategies that will enable them to maximize their learning experience. ( 10 Sessions )

Module 2:  Providing Quality Care to Persons with Alzheimer Disease  
This program was developed jointly by the Alzheimer Society of Canada and Home Support Canada.  Seven key units are covered: Aging / The Nature of Alzheimer Disease / Communication Strategies / Working with Families / The Home Environment / Activities of Daily Living / Challenging Behaviors. ( 7 Sessions )
Module 3:  Palliative Care:  Providing Quality End-Of-Life Care
This program is based on The National Palliative Care Hospice program designed by the Canadian Palliative Care Association. Six key units are covered: Facing our Fears / What Can We Say / Being There / Managing the Hurt / Caregiver Healing Process / Moving On.
( 6 Sessions )

Module 4:  Caring for the Caregiver
Participants are challenged to examine their lifestyles and determine steps required to begin their own journey towards wellness. Six key units are covered: Choosing Health / Depression / Family Caregiving / Stress & Burnout / Medical Emergencies / Change Management.
( 6 Sessions )

Module 5:  Caring for Persons with Chronic Conditions – Part 1
The program is designed to provide caregivers with the skills and knowledge required to work effectively with individuals with Chronic Conditions. Key units are covered: Arthritis / Diabetes / Heart Disease / HIV/AIDS / Parkinson’s disease / Respiratory Conditions.
( 7 Sessions )
Module 6:  The Role of the Caregiver in the 21st Century
This program provides insights into challenges and opportunities in the care of older adults.  Key units covered: Ethics / Elder Abuse / Team Members / Foot Care / Medication Management / Cancer Journey ( 8 Sessions )

Module 7:  Work Settings/Team Members/Mental Health
Students will gain a greater understanding of the caregiving role as team members in various work settings as well as the role of the caregiver in assisting persons with mental illness and related social issues.( 5 Sessions )

Module 8:  Practicum – In Home
The in-home practicum experience will provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate ability to work independently one-on-one with a client in the home, to maintain personal boundaries with clients and family members, to respond appropriately to direction from different health care professionals, and to provide compassionate care in meeting the five basic needs for clients in the home. ( 5 Sessions )

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